Report of the rally at Coren’s house

About 25 of us went to Coren’s house yesterday. We got there at 2:00, and left at 4:00. We peacefully stood on the curb across from his house. We were approached by 4 of his neighbors, expressing their concern about our actions. Both parties were cordial. We discussed it with them at the time, but wanted to address their concerns publicly to clarify why we are going to Coren’s house.

1. Dr. Coren works remotely, and is hit and miss at his office. There’s no way of knowing if he will be there or not.

2. All public meetings are closed to the public, despite citizens repeatedly asking the Board of Supervisors to open the meetings.

3-A. We chose a weekend because everyone attending works. Therefore, we have to do it on a weekend, or in the evening after work hours.

3-B. We have to live with his mandates/orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If he doesn’t like being bothered, he needs to rescind his orders….. and he’ll not hear from us again.

4. We do rallies at the courthouse every Friday, and have been for the last 6 months. We haven’t seen any change. They seem to go unnoticed by our officials.

5. We have asked Dr. Coren to have public form of open dialog that is not administrated by the county…. As many peoples’ questions and comments seem to get lost or not make it through. A forum that the people he serves can ask him questions and he can answer them with facts and studies, even providing links for further research. He has declined to answer our request.

Back to our time at his house, Things were pretty quite for awhile, as we stood there talking with each other. Many cars driving by waved at us, and one person gave us the bird. After awhile, one of his other neighbors got back to their house. They were really not happy with us for protesting in a residential neighborhood. Realizing they didn’t know who their neighbor was, we explained that the PHO lives there, and he’s the one making the orders for our county. It didn’t seem to matter to them, and they insisted that we were on their property. After yelling at us, blaring their music, and driving their vehicle to the edge of their property, almost running us over, they ended up calling the police. A sheriff came out, and he talked with the couple a few minutes. He then came over to us, and explained that he’d been called because there was a dispute on who’s property we were standing on. We were not asked to move. The response time of the sheriffs department was impressively quick. The responding officer was respectful to both parties, and did his job well. The rest of our time there was quiet. In closing, we’d like to address two news articles.

1. Mendofever had Mendocino Patriots praising Dr. Coren for his “ trust , courage, and respect’’. They have since self corrected at the bottom of the page. We said no such thing😂.

2-A. The Ukiah Daily Journal reported Carmel Angelo saying “ Dr. Coren is a big believer in everyone’s right to their own belief and protest and did not request a response” —- (Referring to notifying the local law enforcement) Dr. Coren could not request a response from law enforcement because we were not breaking any laws.

2-B. How is it possible for Coren to “ he plans to spend the afternoon as he normally would on a Sunday afternoon, which is at home,” according to Carmel Angelo when according to Anne Molgaard, the new director of public health that was appointed last week says “ actually, Dr. Coren has been spending his Sunday afternoons working in the office with me”.

We just wanted to point out inconsistencies in their own story.

This county needs to stop the lies! They are not harmless lies. These lies are hurting people and ruining their lives. Mendocino county needs to quit pushing the narrative and stop the madness.

To once again clarify, There’s an open invitation to the P.H.O. or the B.O.S. to have an open dialogue and give the people of this county factual information and studies that justify their actions. We want to see the truth!

To anyone wanting to see for themselves the order from Coren saying the government can detain you if they don’t think your quarantining properly, Here’s the link.

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