Mendocino Patriots seek to unify community members of Mendocino County, regardless of political affiliation, to peacefully stand up against overreaching local, state and federal governments.

We are here for the parents, business owners, healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters and all other community members who have the right to personal freedom and choice.
We disagree with the intrusive handling of covid-19 and the restrictions and mandates placed on us with little to no justification and without following standard public health guidelines that have always been in place. Vaccinated or not, we all deserve the right to choose, without coercion or intimidation. We The People will peacefully rally to take back our inalienable rights that our country was founded upon by the Constitution of the United States.
We believe it is our duty to (peacefully) work together to do what we can to ensure that our freedoms remain in place for, not only our present generation, but for generations to come.

By subscribing to Mendocino Patriots, you will receive up-to-date information on all events, community stories and other community updates. Subscribing to Mendocino Patriots is also a safeguard for losing touch with the various Facebook groups operating within Mendocino County. If/when social media goes offline, Mendocino Patriots will continue sending out information regarding group-specific events and updates.

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